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Hey welcome and thank you for tuning into Soulcure Radio.


It Started with a Dream 

The name Soulcure was given to me (DJ Proclaima) in a dream in 1992. In the same dream God revealed the vision for the ministry and commissioned me to share the Gospel message of Jesus Christ via Gospel Reggae, Gospel R&B and Urban Gospel music.


God Told Me to DJ For Him 

In those early days good Gospel music, like we play now was extremely hard to come by. But God inspired by the example of Moses who went to Pharaoh with a stick to trust Him and use what was in my hand.


Little by Little My Gospel Music Collection Grew 

I remember declaring to everyone that I was a Gospel DJ, when in fact I only owned about 6 – 7 CD albums. Somehow, I managed to get through and little by little I gathered a decent selection of Gospel Music and began to see a breakthrough in the ministry.


Rejected for Playing Gospel Led to My First Gospel Radio Opportunity

My first taste of playing Gospel Music on the radio came about as a direct result of obedience in the light of rejection.


Let me explain.


I was scheduled to play at an event and long story short got asked to leave the booth as the ‘Christian’ team that I was working with decided that a secular DJ would be a better option for their Gospel outreach.


They treated me so badly and I felt really hurt as I stepped down from the DJ kiosk. Imagine putting on an outreach and preferring to play ungodly music in steady of music that glorifies Christ.


As I stepped out of the DJ booth, I was surprised when the Pastor of the Church who did not really understand what was happening, ask me to pass out some flyers. Immediately I felt God instruct me to ‘give them out!’


So, there I was feeling sorry for myself giving out flyers in obedience to Gods instruction. When in truth all I wanted to do was go home and have a pity-party.


God Promoted Me Quickly

Within a week I was approached by a major Christian Radio station who asked me to come in and see them. After a meeting with them I was given a weekly show called the ‘Soulcure Gospel Radio Show’. After all this happened God showed me that my obedience in handing out the flyers had resulted in me getting my first Gospel Radio Show. #Selah


Reaching over 1 Million People a Month

Since then my single show became two shows with the addition of the Reggae Takeover.

I still produce these two shows today, in fact they are played on over 100 stations worldwide (including this one) reaching over 1 Million people a month.


The Launch of Soulcure Radio

In 2012 along with my trusted friend and fellow member of the Soulcure team, Naadia aka DJ Naadlox began to set up Soulcure Radio.


Very quickly we established a worldwide listener base in over 40 countries. In fact such was our success that we were able to invest in professional quality broadcast servers and relaunched our all new professional station in 2013. For the first time our listeners where able to tune in using their Mobile Devices via the Tunein app.


In 2019 we relaunched the station including our very own apps. Naadia continues to do an amazing job as the stations operations manager and our team is growing.


The station continues to go from strength to strength. We are blessed with a dedicated team of gifted presenters and DJ's all committed to sharing the good news about Jesus.


With a strong start under our belt we are now focussed on our goals.


1) Win a Million Souls for Christ.

2) Broadcast to a Million people a week.

3) Set up FM stations that glorify God and share His love.


Thanks for reading this, let me finish where I started.

Thank you for listening you are loved and appreciated. We pray every day for all our listeners believing that God will change lives, heal bodies and save souls.



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