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Catching Up with Kweli

Calvin Lewis known as Gospel Reggae Artist Kweli Simba meaning (Lion of Truth) is a song writer, from the island of Jamaica. Being culturally Afrocentric, Kweli Simba wanted to identify with an exclusive and spiritual name that was of an African origin.

Singing began at the tender age of nine having being brought up in a strict Christian household, where secular music was not allowed. Kweli grew up singing the traditional hymns and songs in church, of which Kweli admits whilst were inspirational and message worthy. The arrangement did not appeal to him culturally.

Albert Minott, the Jolly Brothers front man, and Kweli Simba's older brother was the influential musical presence. Along with the well-known Reggae Artists greats, Kweli adds “they were not Christians in the truest sense of the word, but provided the musical vibe he so identified with.”

Once Kweli Simba became of age, where he could decide for himself, he began singing with secular bands, and eventually became a dancehall singer shadowing the unique voices of Sugar Minott and Sammy Dread. This was a euphoric experience for Kweli, his personal admission was it did not offer the platform for which his style of writing and delivery could survive.

Kweli Simba felt the call back to church, and he made the decision that if it was inspirational writing then Reggae would play its part. In 1998 he unveiled to the Gospel Reggae genre, singing and introducing Kweli Simba to various audiences.

Kweli joined a band which they named 'Revelation', they had an effective prison ministry, and were invited to perform at Christmas and Easter programs. During this fruitful musical period, Kweli began preparing an anthology of songs, waiting faithfully for the right producer.

In 2012 Kweli Simba and Gospel Reggae producer/artist Stephen Murphy met and became partners they jointly formed and established 'Murphlex Studio'.

Kweli Simba and Stephen Murphy released an EP "Father You Are" in 2015, and recently this year 2018 the "Show Love" album. The duo also co-host the "My Source Gospel Reggae Show".

"Where did the love go" is a featured track on the "Show Love" album. Reggae Gospel 360 finds out the inspiration behind the song.

"The inspiration came from witnessing the decline in our societies and even in our churches. According to the bible (Lev 19:16-18) Thou shall not go up and down as a talebearer among thy people "Hate has been our mantra of our day, our politicians and heads of government are spewing hate.” Anyone who hates a brother or sister is a murderer. (1 John 3:15)

Conflicts are springing up everywhere in our homes and in our societies.

The rich are getting richer and the poor is getting poorer.

It is as if love is lost..... gone.

Where did it go if you know please let me know

We should sow seeds of love daily love will grow

Kweli says so!

Interviewed by Ven Spence Gospel 360

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