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IDMC - My Change Has Come

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

John Fisher the founder of UK Gospel Choir IDMC, (Individuals Dedicated to the Ministry of Christ). Has written and produced an exclusive Gospel Reggae anthem entitled "My Change Has Come".

The official release was on the 8th March 2019, with lead vocals by guest artist Wayne Ellington from the TV talent show, The Voice UK (Team Tom) and IDMC's Shantéh Fuller.

John Fisher & IDMC Gospel Choir

The Creative Process

“The inspiration behind the lyrics were simply, in a song writing session I asked God, what he wanted me to say with this song. I can’t say that I was going through a rough patch, or that my world was crashing down. It was John, tell my children that the change they’ve been praying for is here. And so when I got the chorus I looked at how to link the message together, from verse one creating a common dilemma. Verse two giving a solution with a biblical perspective to a bridge, where the affirmation comes and self-belief, as things start to turn around. And this starts in the mind, then manifests in the natural"

John Fisher continues to stay true to his musical roots, with a number of one drop musical anthems over the years. "Trying Times" released on the 2010 Soul Food album. And "Trust The Lord" on the Live & Phaat Vol 1 album in 2004, released as part of a compilation project in 2007.

Reggae Connoisseurs will recognise the intro from the classic reggae track "Push Come To Shove" by Jamaica's reggae legend Freddie McGregor.

The Premier Gospel Award-winning Choir, enters 2019 celebrating their 25th anniversary. And what a way to celebrate with a song, destined to remain in the hearts of many for years to come.

Interviewed by Ven Spence Gospel 360

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