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Millions of Christians furious at Netflix ‘Gay Jesus Movie’

Over 2 Million Christians have signed petitions demanding that Netflix remove a move entitled ‘The First Temptation of Christ’ from their Brazilian site.

The movie in question depicts Jesus as a camp, gay man and Mary as smoking weed. The movie was created by Youtube creators Porta dos Fundos and has caused outrage throughout the world by concerned Christians.

In fact, tens of thousands of people have not only signed a petition but have also cancelled their Netflix accounts. Angry individuals have told us that why should Netflix think it acceptable to portray Jesus in this way, commenting that they would not dare act this way towards the Muslim faith.

I spoke with Netflix earlier today expressing my concerns about the moving and asking them to remove the movie and was told the following;

‘Netflix maintains the artistic integrity of our titles, and we understand that not ever title is appealing to every member. If you prefer not to see this title, you can give it a thumbs down rating to prevent it from being suggested in future.’

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Clearly this is not an acceptable response and Netflix need to be more responsible about the content they provide. Whilst I cannot tell individuals how to react to this blasphemous attack on our Lord, I can confirm that I have personally deleted my Netflix account and signed the petition.

If you do want to take-action against Netflix here are some links.

Sign Petition –

How to cancel your Netflix Account -

Contact Netflix -

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